Stop​-​Motion Recollections

by 10 Paces, Fire

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“…10 Paces, Fire shattered genre definition by releasing an album that was essentially progressive indie-rock fused with 90's emo, math rock, and post-rock, all with a solid vocal foundation… The album's sound was incredible - it struck deeper than emo on an emotional level, carried complexity matching up to any prog-rock band and sounded sincere and honest, much like any indie folk band would try to put forth on a record…” - Muzik Dizcovery

This 4-song EP marks the first professional release of 10 Paces, Fire's history. The release blends both 90s Midwestern-Emo and pop elements into the band's progressive, Indie-Rock sound.


released June 26, 2010

Record engineering done by Shane Olivo at Bobby Peru's Recording Studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Written and Performed by 10 Paces, Fire. Copyright 2010.



all rights reserved


10 Paces, Fire Milwaukee

Progressive Indie-Rock fusing 90s Emo with aggressive Post-Rock and Math-Rock. 2007 - 2013

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Track Name: You Keep a Horse in the Basement?
it’s such a great night out / I can see all the stars here / let’s sit here for hours just reminiscing / man, we’ve got some memories / I’d love to just keep them all stuck in my head / so when we see each other again / we can tell all our stories / and we will laugh like kids / don’t go now; sit back down / saddle up or settle down / I’d prefer the later / no one goes till the fire’s burnt out / we might be here awhile / The water’s so peaceful / when rhinos are swimming / “hey, it’s my birthday” / I don’t plan on sleeping / it’s days just like these that make me wish / that summer could last all year / so then we wouldn’t have to go back / to the places that we didn’t want to again / ‘cause this is home / I can’t wait to come home / today is the first day I’ve been home since Christmas / they ask, “where ya been at?” / it’s time to get down to some business
Track Name: How's That for Being Born Under a Bad Sign?
it’s been a long time since we’ve surfed south shore / being pushed by the port winds / there’s no city out here, just the starlight and the sea / but the salt stains on our footprints set us free / I’ve read about this mindset / of a liquid nothingness in my veins / between dreams and reality / I’m stuck inside the sand / it’s time to go home now and we both know it / there’s nothing for us back there / manufactured to the molecule, and crooked to a “t” / I think I’ll leave it all there; I think I’ll leave it back there / I’m swallowed in a swell / there’s nothing like losing yourself / the ocean takes over your limbs
Track Name: We're Nothing but the Nerds They Say We Are (Calculator Wrist-Watch)
set sail off of your back porch / we’re upland, highland pioneers / we find land; declare it ours / we’re living our nautical dream / flying kites in space / we’re out of string / taking back our sandcastles / that’s our kingdom / forts and tents keep you safe / from all the bad and dangerous things of the world: invisible monsters / waves lap against your bedroom door / paper planes and toy guns on the floor / feel the calm just before the storm / this is taking your backyard to the shore
Track Name: Enough About Betty Spaghetti Already
it’s midnight and it’s time to go back home / so we’ll say goodbyes to all your friends; shake hands / we are one and the same and we’re all still looking to the clouds
for someone to save us now / church bells are ringing, school boys singing / and still we try to fix ourselves / we burn the candle at both ends / ‘cause we’re always out on the streets / we go on just wasting time / dada dot dada dot dada dot dada / we are one and the same / and we’re all still looking to the clouds / for someone to save us now / church bells are ringing, school boys singing / and still we try to fix ourselves / where were you about this time last year / could’ve used you last year / but now we’re just fine / been just fine without you here / we’re just fine without you / I’m flying high / I’m up so high from the rush / I’m coming down without you